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Guinot Sun Logic

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Guinot have just relaunched their entire sun range and it is better than ever. Guinot Sun Logic products protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays and from blue light (found on phones and laptops/computers), due to the combination of filters and Melanin or Lutein. Sun exposure makes the skin age faster. What’s more, over time, the skin’s natural defenses become less effective against the sun’s harmful effects.

Sun Logic helps ensure anti-ageing protection due to the active ingredients:
– DNA (sacrifices itself to protect the DNA in the cells nuclei
– Melanin/Lutein (Protects DNA from the harmful effects of blue light)
– Elastoprotectine (Protects elastic fibers)

Each product from the range contains Cellular Life Complex. This fights skin ageing. It is made up of 56 ingredients used to reconstruct the skin, especially when treating severe burn patients. The Cellular Life Complex brings about an even tan by helping to prevent the appearance of signs of premature ageing (wrinkles, lines etc) and dark spots.


The Hydradermie Longue Vie Soleil is an ideal treatment before and after sun.
Before sun exposure: Helps to effectively prepare the skin in the sun to maintain youthfulness and prepare for tanning.
After sun exposure: Regenerates the skin after sun exposure/holiday. It soothes the skin and restores youthfulness.

Buy two products from the sun range and receive a FREE Longue vie Soleil Body Cream. (while stocks last)

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